Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New blog

Moved my blog over to


But I just put that on hiatus for this bike trip.

So you can follow it at the old link of:


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Alright, its time to post another super rad adventure.

I am done working at Sun Valley, skiied to my hearts content, and have been back home since May 1st. All I do is work, I am a machine, not a human being.

But, after picking up some jobs, and ending them next week. I start my first adventure.

Tada! Running of the

Yup! checking another goal off my bucket of never ending list. I will be landing in Spain July 5th, and....gosh I am tired, well off to bed. 

p.s. Ill be in France cruise the rivers on a boat after the bulls, and woofing somewhere cool. then back to the USA for 4 days, pack my bags and bike down the coast for 2.5-3 months with some great friends. 


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pacific Crest Trail! Well....Section

Hello, for my one viewer and the kicks and giggles of updating once a year!

Yup, I will NOT be doing the whole Pacific Crest Trail. I have a lot less time then I thought and money would be another thing.

Starting tomorrow, ill be heading to Campo Cali/Mex border and hiking 1.1k miles to South Lake Tahoe!

Walla! lets hope for the best.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Alaska Day 1

Right when I land in Anchorage. Jeff and I hit the the streets in style. first stop moose tooth brewery

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sighisoara, Romania!

Well, i made it.

its been two weeks, well 3 i guess now.

i am working with: kindergarten: Here i am just hanging with the crying kids and making good friends with the little racals.

kids club: I make up games with them, teach them

teens with special needs: pretty much just started this week, but faith and I are in charge of eveything....woo

and doing all this on top of my online history class......yay

and that best part.

i am living with the awesome lazar family, they are located at the bottom of the hill, so i can go hike and read atop this awesome view of the city whenever i get done, the town is a few block away and the food is fantastic.

o yes, hitch hiking. its a way of life here. i think i have found my new love. everyone does it. or has done it atleast once. even the kids club teacher, she had her first experience not to long ago.

sadly i forgot my camera in cali. but faith let me use her extra one, so maybe i can scrounge a few shots.

Hell ya

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Biking Across America

New Blog for biking across the USA with Alex.

Check it! http://www.willwemakeitacross.blogspot.com/

Sunday, July 19, 2009


well i have 9 mins to update.

train to amsterdam was long, i had about 3 transfers, and one late one. so ya it was pretty much a waste of time.
but it has been made up for sure. amsterdam is beautiful and defiantly has a lot of places to check out.
i have only been here 2 hours so i still looking around, and needing food :).

also melt festival was awsome! ill update you about it when i have more time, and pretty much the weather sucked all over germany, and at the show. we got drenched on friday night. it was horrible.

well thats it for now. haha